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Recruiting Members

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Spiral Mech is still being created on Visual Basic, I'm just trying to improve the features on it. As much as possible, all graphics that this game will use are Custom Made, which is why i required to hire some Graphic Artist/Pixel Artist to help me on this game. The engine is pretty much the same as Mirage Source Engine but it is highly modified, or should i say, I built it on scratch from what i know how function/logic works on Mirage Source

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The features will just be a simple RPG game that you can see on the searching site, like Ragnarok, Maple Story, etc.

But most features that will be built on this engine are unique features (that most likely, you won't see on any Mirage Source Engine made) like:
  • * Seamless Map
  • * Combat Screen Effect (It's like when you are being hit by criticals, and your game screen will shake a little or something)
  • * Daily Login Bonus (With Additional Bonus when you complete)
I won't spoil more Features on the game, I might give too much ideas to everyone =D
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The engine is still being built on Scratch, So most of the stuff that I've made so far is on the Menu

(note: I made the GUI but not the Background)

[Image: 9hgiYro.jpg]

[Image: xwP5Mo6.jpg]

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Some of you may know this (Yep, I copied Crystalshire a little bit)

[Image: aWTXNMD.png]

As you can see, The game will have a Sound Volume control and Control Mapping Editor (which are rare to see it on Eclipse Game Made)

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Just add me on my Skype

Skype ID: hisherwin

The Current Position that is available are:


Graphic Artist

Pixel Artist

Examples of your work will surely be asked when your joining
Like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/spiralmech
Email us for Suggestions or Questions: spiralmech@gmail.com
Looks good. I will try to send anyone your way that I may see potential in.
Yours faithfully
Andrew Wheeler A.K.A Genusis

Ask Me For Help.

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