Reverted to regular HTTP.
Hello Everyone,

I thought it was time to drop the Comodo SSL certificate. Honestly it's not really needed as most of you should know not to use your passwords on multiple accounts anyways. We will however re-add a SSL certificate later on when we move to a new personal VPS. That will allow us to use what ever back end language we want to further develop the website. This means we could use python, JavaScript, or even C as a back end that way we are not stuck in the Crap PHP era anymore.

Regardless let me know what you guys think of the changes. *** at me if you want as that's OK. I will just tell you to never use important passwords on 3rd party sites. Anyways I also updated our current forum software. The update has made the forum function a bit better than before so a happy change!

Happy New Year as well!
Yours faithfully
Andrew Wheeler A.K.A Genusis

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